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After the solar farms were established and the technology was assimilated in the field,

 It is essential that we complete the green revolution also in terms of enhancing the community around solar farms and advanced technology.


Along with renewing energy from the sun and making it green, we also find it important to strengthen and promote the community on a variety of issues.


                 Inter - Aid


The SolarVerse project recruits the Inter-Aid program to enhance the success of the community based program that mainly fails because of the communities’ lack of commitment. 


We provide a program that already exists in over 100 partial, social, and community projects around the world.

We will develop an action plan in collaboration with the community and the authorities to promote the community and the region according to its specific needs.

Resources will be used to benefit residents and the relevant institutions for development.

Academic Support

                  More Graduates
                     With Academic Degrees

The SolarVerse holistic approach will increase students amounts and graduation ratio by the unique fusion between funding, technology and community involvement. 


With the variety of technologies we will be integrating in colleges and universities, we will see a great deal of interest in learning and progressing in these directions as they are developed in the region.

Food Desert

 Food Desert

In South Carolina, Highway I95 is known as a route for rural areas that are far from large cities- also known as ‘The Corridor of Shame’.

This makes it difficult to find a healthy nutritional lifestyle, and it makes it difficult to consume fresh and accessible food on a regular basis.

Through the SolarVerseTM project, we will provide access to healthy foods to these areas as well as educational and operational incubators that will promote technological advancements and the consumption of quality and healthier food products for all residents.

Jobs Creation

    Jobs Creation


SolarVerse will also create new employment opportunities in rural areas.

As the solar farms are established, the technology develops and community needs are identified, we will establish a training system covering many topics.

We will create equal academic and employment opportunities for everyone within the region, allowing us to improve the future of the whole region on many different subjects.

Green Environment

                  Green Thinking
                      & Preserving The Environment


SolarVerse offers a variety of community and social benefits, as well as environmental benefits.

To achieve the full benefits of this project, we must preserve our environment and harness renewable energy.


Besides green thinking and a positive environmental impact, the project will result in lowering energy payments for all residents of the area, raising a variety of issues, such as economic savings to the use of more electric vehicles and less harmful to the environment.

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