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In its holistic perspective, Solarverse is a platform from Fusion Renewable that complements the physical endeavor of producing solar energy.

Our goal is to contribute to the enrichment and promotion of the areas where we will work optimally so that we can make a positive contribution not only to sustainability, but also to the social-community aspect.

Together we will tailor our help to the residents of the area in terms of creating technological opportunities both at work and in promoting educational and academic institutions as well as making a wide-ranging holistic contribution to all ages which will improve quality of life.

                       The Economic Development ENERGIZED!


Our team is backed by the most professional teams in the field with years of experience.
While providing the highest level of service and 360 support for all the needs of the project from A to Z.

Avi Avitan.jpg

Avi Avitan


  • Co Founder (Chief Strategy Officer).

  • 25 years of experience in the real estate and energy investment industry.

  • Founded Fusion ventures group (2000) and co-founded Fusion Renewable (2021)

  • Experienced in managing multi-million dollars project investments.

  • Leading the growth strategy and the business development of Fusion Renewable NA. 


Niv Sarne

Founder and CEO

• 20 years of international business leadership experience with 15 years working with some of the largest energy sector companies in Israel and the United States.
• Prolific experience of executing billions of dollars of deals in the energy industry.
• Secured over $10 million funding from strategic investors as a development fund for the 600MW+ projects.
• Leads the management of Fusion Renewable NA and its affiliates.

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